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Effective and sustainable
multifunctional skin care

MAN - Mineral Skincare

Multifunctional effectiveness
in one single routine.

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Meso-Fit - Intensive treatment cellulite and body fat*

Meso-Fit is the new Bioline Jatò intensive treatment targeted to the blemishes caused by cellulite and localized fat deposits that completes and enriches the Body Concept professional proposal.

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Bioline Jatò - An established international brand

Typical Italian style and elegance, combined with the passion that characterizes the Corradini family, have transformed Bioline Jatò from a personal adventure to an established international brand, at the top of the professional cosmetics industry.

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A Beautiful Secret

We reveal to the Bioline Jatò women a beauty secret created in 40 years of research, scientific innovation and training and education.

MAN - Mineral Skincare

New Beauty for Man

Men are increasingly attentive to the care of their skin and seek effective answers to the main imperfections: signs of aging, clarity, impurities, bags and dark circles, dehydration, redness and irritation.


Beauty Supplement

A unique full immersion of vitamins, mineral salts and oxygenating elements sourced from fruits, plants and flowers.

The Secret of a Timeless Skin

The cutting-edge technology: a multi-correction treatment based on exclusive algae extracts and plant stem cells.

Source of Essential Hydration

A harmonious water ritual: enveloping cosmetic formulas with hyaluronic acid concentrates, provide the skin with deep hydration, brightness and an instant fresh sensation.

Body Concept

A wide range of treatments aimed to different body blemishes offers targeted, efficient and safe beauty solutions.

Sundefense: sun protection 365 days a year!

Sundefense, the innovative skincare line by Bioline Jatò that offers the best sun protection 365 days a year, is renewed!

Multifunctional cosmetics, only high-protection, to be integrated into the skin care Beauty Routine. Effective and safe formulations to offer daily protection and prevent the signs of skin aging.

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Special initiatives, novelties and products.

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Primaluce Exfo&White

Spot Correction
Cream Triple Action SPF 30

Primaluce Exfo&White

Serum Spot
Serum Localized Concentrate

Body Concept

Active Patch
Critical Areas / Constant Diffusion

Body Concept

Light Legs Gel

Daily Ritual

Cleansing Foam


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